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Smart Tech Ideas for Maryland Homeowners

Are you looking to update your new or renovated home in Maryland?

An effective way to make any home more convenient and accessible is to add innovative products and appliances. These automated and adaptive items help you manage many different aspects of your home. One of the most attractive features is that most of them communicate with your smartphone, allowing you to control them remotely. Let’s look at the eight best innovative home products for Maryland townhome owners and renters!

Coffee Maker

coffee maker

Do you struggle to make it out of bed in the morning and off to work? It’s safe to assume that the answer for most of us is yes. Without that first cup of coffee, it’s nearly impossible! If you like to have your first coffee waiting for you as soon as possible, then adding a smart coffee maker to your home is an easy decision to make. Many of these will link up with your smartphone, Alexa, or other voice-activated devices to set brew times and ensure your coffee is waiting for you as soon as you’re ready.


smart vacuum

Every homeowner has that one household chore they hate, and if yours is vacuuming, an intelligent vacuum is an easy way to make your life a lot less stressful. These compact, rechargeable vacuums allow you to get dust and dirt-free floors without doing any work yourself. The best part is that many models offer additional features, such as linking up with your smartphone. From their respective apps, you can choose unique modes to match the job you need to complete to program a timer for when you’d like them to get to work!


door lock

Marylanders who have locked themselves out know how stressful this unfortunate predicament can be. For some, it may mean hours spent locked out of their homes while waiting for a spouse, roommate, or landlord to bring an extra set. With smart locks, the key to your house is your smartphone! You can even create temporary virtual keys for guests or pets and babysitters when you need to welcome others into your home for a short stay. Because you can control the lock remotely, you can let someone into your home even if you aren’t around.


smart thermostat

If you have an energy bill that makes you want to get sick every time it comes in that mail, you may need to find a better way to control the climate costs in your home. Managing the temperature in your home is crucial for comfort and expenses and a necessary way to protect your home against any winter or summer damage. Maintaining a temperature warm enough that your pipes don’t freeze is critical! Smart thermostats allow you to control the climate within your home from anywhere, and these make a fantastic addition to Maryland townhomes.

Water Leak Detection

water detection sensor

If you have ever experienced a water leak, you know how many headaches even a slow drip can cause. Luckily, there is an easier way to keep an eye out for rogue leaks; before a controllable problem becomes a costly disaster, place leak alarms throughout your home! Focusing on at-risk areas is a much more effective way to ensure that your home doesn’t undergo water damage. These intelligent detectors and alarms send a text message or email to your phone when they detect any leaks.


smart switch

With hectic schedules and busy lives, it is easy to run out of the house and feel that pit in the bottom of your stomach as you begin to wonder if you turned off the curling iron, coffee maker, or other devices that could create a real problem. Smart switches plug into your home’s outlets, and you can control them with your smartphone! You can turn them on and off from anywhere in the world. No more need to worry about whether you left that hot tool plugged in.

Baby Monitor

baby monitor

If you and your family have just moved into a home because you are expecting, it’s only a matter of time before you need a new set of baby monitors to keep a close eye on your latest addition to the family. Today, plenty of monitors offer new features (like video calling) so that you can check in on your baby while they take a nap. In the past, parents would have to be within range of the monitor for the receiver to function. Now, parents can use smart monitors connected to their phones to check in on the baby during working hours or date night!

Light Bulbs

smart light bulb

Energy costs are always a top concern for homeowners and renters, and no one likes receiving an electricity bill that could pay for a vacation. Smart lightbulbs are a fantastic solution and an easy way to conserve energy. Like many other ideas on our list, you can control smart light bulbs directly from your smartphone; this is also a fantastic security measure, as you can turn the lights on in the evening hours to deter any possible trespassers.

As today’s homes become more competent by the second, it is easy to understand why homeowners and renters are adding more smart products to their Maryland townhouses to make their lives easier and more convenient. So many of us live busy, hectic lives that require us to spend a great deal of time outside of our homes, but with intelligent products, we can ensure that our houses are safely looked after even when we aren’t around.

What are your favorite smart devices? Share in the comments below!

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