Parking violation under windshield wiper on car window in Baltimore, Maryland

How to Pay for Parking Tickets in Baltimore

So, you managed to receive your first parking ticket in Baltimore City. Congratulations! You now have two options: pay the citation or contest it. I can’t speak on the second option, but this article addresses the first.


  1. Go to the Baltimore City citation payment website Parking, Red Light and Speed Camera Citations website.

  2. Search for your license plate number and click “Search.”

  3. Find your “open” citation number and click on its blue-colored link.

  4. Enter your bank or credit card information and pay the citation.

Via Mail

  1. Write a check made out to the following party:
    Director of Finance

  2. Include your license plate number on “notes” or blank lines.

  3. Send the check to the following address:

    City of Baltimore
    Attn: Parking Fines
    P.O. Box 13327
    Baltimore, MD 21203


  • Bring a personal check, cashier check, or money order (note: Baltimore City will not accept cash or credit card payments) to one of the floor associates at the following address:

    Abel Wolman Municipal Building
    200 Holliday Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202

Over the Phone

If Your Car is Booted

Note: Baltimore City speed camera citations are payable using the above methods.

This post does not cover electronic toll traffic programs found on the Maryland E-ZPass Pay Tolls website. Baltimore City, not the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), enforces tickets. Contact your local and municipal governments or local district court for more information.


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how can I pay parking citation

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Hey there! You can pay parking citations here:

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