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Interior Design Ideas for Maryland Townhomes

Whether you own a townhouse or row home in Maryland, paying attention to the interior design can take it from mediocre to artistic and stylish.

A vital component of interior decoration in any home is wall detailing. Spending a bit of money on your home’s walls may prove fruitful. Brick walls, specifically, are not uncommon in Baltimore’s townhouses and row homes; adding elements to make their unique, aged look shine can do wonders for the interior of your house. Let’s look at a few ideas you can implement in your home.

Wall Art

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An easy and quick way to add modern vibes to your brick walls is with wall art! These conversation pieces can significantly improve the look and feel of your home. Common art styles include contemporary, impressionist, and realist works; my favorite is geometric. In addition, they double as icebreakers when throwing a party at your place.

String Lights

string lights

Popular in Baltimore, a fun way to define brick walls—without a drill or hammer—is by using string lights! They can be a quick and easy addition to the most visible wall in your living room or bedroom. They are lightweight, affordable, and can add subtle hints of color and oomph to your room.

Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Like adding string lights, you can hang plants (pro-tip: use the ceiling as a surface instead of the wall; otherwise, your plants may fall off as they grow). Adding foliage and other items at different heights, for example, is a simple interior design technique that can give your rooms a refreshed and earthy look.

Washroom Texturing

wall texturing

A brick wall doesn’t have to be boring and old-fashioned. Adding sleek and modern patterns to surrounding walls can give your home a textured and modern look; it can work perfectly with brick walls in the bathroom, for example. Adding a neutral (or vibrant!) palette to the surrounding walls completes this elegant look. Textured, modern additions tend to compliment the vintage architecture.

White Paint

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Sometimes walls deserve a splash of color, and what better color to clear your room’s canvas than white? Adding shades of white to your fence can make your space look large and airy. The federal-style architecture in a townhouse or a row home with a white-washed wall goes well with an infinite variety of furniture and other interior designs.

Black Paint

black brick

In the same manner that white adds, you may also use black. You can opt for painting walls shades of black and dark grey if the bricks are too damaged to be left for display. Add contrasting furniture—usually in lighter tones—to accentuate the darkness of your walls. Light-toned upholstery with bright or wood-looking furniture, for example, can elevate the entire atmosphere of your residence.

Wall Framing

wall framing

With brick walls, improvising is easy if the sediment is not in the ideal condition. A clever way to improvise is by framing damaged sections, hiding damage with decoration, and commemorative objects or artwork. Additionally, you can combine black and white patterns to cover various wall parts, giving new dimensions to your home and modern style.

Oversized Mirrors

oversized mirrors

Have rooms that are smaller than desired or want to increase the size of your walls artificially with decoration? You can put oversized mirrors to good use by leaning or hanging them against your walls, making your space look more significant, spacious, and modern.

Wall Drapes

wall drapes

Drapes have been items that add instant elegance to any wall or window. Adding drapes is, in many ways, similar to adding layers of texture to a room. You can also pick up simple fabric panels and use them as wall art! You can even go further by using fabric panels as a faux headboard for your bedroom.

French Windows

french windows

Though slightly more involved, adding French windows can positively transform any space and greatly impact the house’s overall environment. When correctly installed, these windows can reduce your heating and cooling bills, maximizing air retention and allowing for natural lighting.

Bring the brick in your town/row home to life with these interesting interior design ideas. Mix and match the pictures to suit your creative palette!

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